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Banknote Processing Machines

These advanced banknote sorters consistently provide the highest levels of authentication and fitness sorting while keeping your operational costs down. They offer you maximum flexibility with true modularity in a choice of 4 configurations designed for high volume banknote processing, today and into the future.

The benefits of implementing banknote processing machines are many:

Increase efficiency, profitability & security
Faster teller transactions
Redeploy staff to better serve customers
Enhance the customer experience 
Enhance business performance

Banknote Counters

One of the reasons why we buy a Banknote Counter is to avoid counting errors, therefore, to gain peace of mine.We also want the Banknote Counter confirm that we do not have any counterfeit bill. Banknote counters  machines are 100% reliable.

At Panamic ICT Many different types of banknote counters are offered: with and without detection, for sorted and/or mixed notes, etc. Our product range is clearly structured and there is one certainty: all Panamic ICT banknote counters check your money in best way with latest technology.

To choose the model that best suits your needs, contact us.

Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeit banknote detectors for EuroUS dollar and other currencies. Suitable for small and big businesses. Quick, efficent and reliable. Portable use. Their software can be updated in case of issuance of new notes by the European Central Bank

Coin Counters

Coin counters and sorters with Add & Batch function to prepare coin packs and bags. Coins sorted per denomination and a printer interface to print out the total amount.At Panamic Ict we offer coin counters for both moderate or professional use. From desktop coin sorters for small retailers to professional coin sorters for vending, amusement and gaming


Smart-Safes have the potential to save your business time and money while also increasing overall productivity and efficiency. With amazing security features, built in counterfeit detection, and ease of use and configuration – smart safes are the ideal option for any business that wants to streamline its cash management system, regardless of size or industry.

How smart safes can benefit your business:

1.Securing cash is one of the primary responsibilities of a smart safe.

-No employee access to the cash

-Pry resistant doors

-High security locks and keys

2.Counterfeit Detection

Smart safes provide among the most sophisticated bill verification systems available.

3.Store Operations

Smart-Safes provide managers and owners with data and service integration to run their businesses efficiently.

-Desktop tools to view cash status in-store

4.Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Managers can spend less time verifying money count, register closeout, and pursuing cash management error investigations. That extra time can be spent on profit generating store activities.



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