Company with location in Japan, is a leader in the market of machines used for CASH, proven for safety and high quality products where Panamic ICT is the sole distributor for Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia Glory offers these products: Banknote Counting Machine | Coin Counting Machine | Drop Box | Drop Box Intelligent | Vacuum Counter
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Company that deals exclusively with banknote counting machines located in Korea, which is among the best companies in the market in terms of cash. Lidix offers these products: Lidix GL-series | Lidix SL-series | Lidix ML-series | Lidix CL-series | Lidix F-series
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Company located in Denmark, a company that deals in machines that count banknotes and coins, which are verifying and sorting. Bellcon offers these products: Banknote Counters | Banknote Detectors | Coin Sorter | UV Lamps
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Company located in Austria, which deals with machines that count, detect and sort coins with gen 4 of the season for detection, they make it one of the safest cars in the world, also with coin deposit. Multicash offers these products: Multicash 10-14 | Multicash 8-14 | Multicash 1-14 | Coin deposit
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Southautomation GMBH

Ccompany located in Germany, which deals with cash equipment among the leaders in the cash market Southautomation offers these products: Banknote counting machine | Coin counting machine | CoinDeposit. These and other products offered by Panamic ICT will protect you from suspicious money and save your time. Also, Panamic can develop software and applications based on the client's request, in cooperation with our distributors.
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